Видео Nine Muses () - No Playboy (areia progressive house remix) [#36]

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конь Download this remix: our website for more than #100 kpop remixes! are so many great songs out there to choose for remixing. I usually get motivated by hot or cute girls or by something really popular. On its release this song was bushed by many for trying to copy out SNSD. The truth is that it does in many parts but it still manages to project its own personality. In addition its lyrics are simple and easy to understand while still carrying emotion and some good messages. The girls are too "plastic" indeed so whoever has problem with that may choose to skip this song. I'm totally fine with the girls so I've chosen to remix it.The remix has three different modes. The first one is the tribal mode ala David Guetta. You can hear that at the beginning, the end of the song and during the bridge/rap part. The other mode is during the chorus where I use a background dreamy pad along with a sidechained non-rhythmic bass creating a deep house feeling. During the verse I use an electro rhythmic bass along with a trancy pad where I alter it's cutoff and stereo image values in order to create some emotion during the build-ups.I could keep throwing time on this remix by perfecting some parts or altering the sequence but I've preferred to leave it at this state since it makes me happy enough and leaves me with some time to work on my other mixes where I've already altered the sequence (like Rainbow - A and Shinee - Lucifer)I'm trying to bring out sounds that fit my mood and at the same time follow the modern clubing elements. One of the main improvements in this remix has to do with the rhythm I've created at the hit-hats and the bassline in order to follow the song's velocity. Like those top hits in the clubs, I'm trying to give my remix an identity by making it memorable and dance-able.Hope you enjoy this remix; Rainbow - A, Shinee - Lucifer and Miss A - Good girl bad girl are on the works and will be released hopefully soon :)Please visit my website at you can watch and download all of my remixes. ужин

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